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« Today (HD, New, TV-G) "This Is Us" star Sterling K. Brown; actress Kristin Chenoweth from "My Little Pony"; "The Brave" stars Anne Heche and Mike Vogel; "Favorite Things."
Today (HD, New) Actor Sterling K. Brown; cast of "Will & Grace"; actress Kristin Chenoweth from "My Little Pony"; "The Brave" stars Anne Heche and Mike Vogel.

Judge Faith Saving a Friendship; Cracked Aquarium (HD, TV-PG) A woman allows her friend to lease a car from her, but she stopped making payments after she totaled it; a man says he was duped into buying a faulty aquarium.
Half & Half The Big Upsetting Set-Up Episode (TV-14) Spencer goes on a blind date and falls in love with the girl, but Mona later finds out that she is only using Spencer to get revenge against her ex-boyfriend.
Half & Half The Big Hit It and Quit It Episode (TV-14) When Dee Dee gets frustrated with Neil's lack of intimacy, he reveals he's celibate; Mona is pressured at work and smokes, but she is too embarrassed to admit.
The Monkey Hu$tle (TV-14, PG, **) A group of Chicago residents, including a smooth-talking con artist, host a block party protesting a plan to build a highway through their neighborhood.

Death Valley Days Sequoia (TV-PG) As a Cherokee named Sequoia attempts to painstakingly develop a written alphabet for his people, he becomes the object of ridicule.
Zane Grey Theater Vengeance Canyon (TV-PG) A young man sets out to search for his father and get his revenge, years after the his father had deserted he and his mother; he falls in with bandits.
Zane Grey Theater Courage Is a Gun (TV-PG) A man who is fast with a gun comes to town, where he accepts an offer to kill the towns sheriff, as part of a contract from a local saloon owner.
Zane Grey Theater No Man Living (TV-PG) A former sheriff has dedicated his life to finding the four men who shot his wife during a bank robbery and bringing them to justice; he has one left to go.
Zane Grey Theater Muletown Gold Strike (TV-PG) A former soldier plans to leave the war behind and find a new line of work; he finds new work as a school teacher; one of his students is obsessed with gold.
Laramie Bad Blood (TV-PG) Slim makes a promise to a young boy that he will take him to meet the father the boy never met, but he does not realize that the father is a wanted outlaw.
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