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« WIS News 10 Sunrise (New) Local news, sports, traffic, and weather.
Today (HD, New, TV-G) "Pink Power"; "Today Living Legend: Dr. Jane Goodall"; "Today Style"; "Today Food."
Megyn Kelly TODAY (HD, New) Actor Greg Kinnear from "Same Kind of Different as Me."

Catch 21 (HD, TV-PG) Contestants answer multiple-choice trivia questions in the hopes of either getting a score of 21 or causing their competitors to go bust.
Judge Faith In a Door Jam; Mama Don't Play That (HD, TV-PG) A driver is accusing her passenger of damaging her car door by hitting another car; after being hired by her ex-son-in-law, a woman says she has yet to be paid.
Judge Faith Death Grip (HD, TV-PG) When two dogs fight to the death, the owners are left to determine whose dog started the fight.
Half & Half The Big Not So Loyal Family Episode (TV-14) Dee Dee becomes furious when she learns that Mona has befriended her law-school rival; Spencer struggles to reject a persistent talent-search applicant.
Half & Half The Big My Life and Kids Episode (TV-14) Dee Dee dates a noted author, but she reconsiders their relationship when she learns he has children; Phyllis has an argument with Ray and moves-in with Mona.
Take the Lead (TV-14, PG-13, ***) A dissatisfied ballroom dancer assists a high school dance class in a tough district, but his knowledge and the students' style bring hopeful results.

Death Valley Days Jimmy Dayton's Treasure (TV-PG) A man buys a toupee and a new set of teeth to win the affections of a dancer.
Death Valley Days Yaller (TV-PG) A young miner struggles to work the mines due to claustrophobia.
Death Valley Days Husband Pro Tem (TV-PG) A mining engineer tries to negotiate with a tribe of Native Americans who won't allow him to construct a railroad across their lands.
Zane Grey Theater Interrogation (TV-PG) An army captain and corporal are captured by the Mexican army and are put through interrogation in order to obtain some important information.
Zane Grey Theater Hand on the Latch (TV-PG) A man is shot for trying to escape from an army prison camp during the Civil War; he finds a small farm house where two women live alone.
Zane Grey Theater Lone Woman (TV-PG) A Native American enters a ranch house uninvited and kills the eldest son living in the house, and then he steals one of the family horses.
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